Don't be fooled by phone companies when you go out

Nowadays is really simple, and cheap, to travel outside your country and go out in just a couple of hours. I think almost everybody who’s reading this post have though at least once “What will we do with our mobile when we arrive to …?” Of course, mobile companies give you the chance to use “Roaming services”, so you don’t loose your phone number when you are outside and are capable of being in touch.. the problem is when you begin making calls or receiving them!! Yes, when you make a call using these roaming services you have to pay an extra cost, usually the cost of a international call, but same happens when you receive a call!! Yes, amazing? Really… if you are in Germany, but your SIM card is from UK and you get a call from the UK you have to pay an extra cost, even for SMS messages…

But all this “extra cost” doesn’t stop here. What about Internet? Wow! If you feel extremely generous you can activate data and begin to pay in some situations 1€ for 1MB… so if you are receiving an e-mail with a 3MB photo inside you are paying 3€…. errmm…. yes, you are right, it’s reeeeeeeeealllly expensive.

After two travels to the UK I’ve been investigating about how much money will I have to invest in having a SIM card for my “one week stay” and I was really surprised, it was much more cheaper to buy a SIM card for one week than using roaming services. The only problem: you loose your number while you are in the destination country, but.. what the hell!! You still can use Whatsapp, Email,Skype, Viber…. are you sure you are unconnected? What I did was the following…

  • Unlocking Service: 13€
  • SIM card with Internet: 15 GBP (18€), but there are someones from 10€
  • Skype Direct Spanish Number: 5€

So .. why an Skype Direct Spanish Number? Because with this I can give a telephone number to my Spanish contacts, so they still can call me when I am outside. The only thing is that I receive the call through Skype, but if you get Wifi or a decent 3G signal it won’t be a problem. So I’ve invested 36€, but on my next trip I’ll only have to invest a 15GBP top-up for staying one week….

What would have happened if I had used the roaming services instead of this?

  • Making a call with my actual company: Add 0.36€ for one minute to what I’m paying for a call
  • Receiving a call: 0.11€ for one minute.
  • Internet: 10€ for 10Mb in blocks of 10Mb.

I’ve used in this week about 50Mb of data…. so I don’t have to calc anything about the calls, I would have expended 50€ just because using Internet versus the 36€ I’ve paid for all.

Without doubt I have saved money!!!