Microsoft and the updates… They did it again

I’ve been all this week trying the get myself comfortable with Windows 2008 Server. Yes, I know that this system came out 4 years ago, but until TODAY I haven’t felt the need to change.

Anyway, the first steps have been very good, perhaps better than I thought at the begining. Windows 2008 is fast, really fast when you have multicore processors, the problem is the huge amount of memory it likes to eat. Yes, at least 4GB is more than recommended, specially if you are dealing with the 64 bit version, which is, in my honest opinion, the best you can do.

For my testing purposes I am using a brand new HP Proliant DL120 server. The installation time took about 1 hour. After that I could install WITH NO PROBLEMS the Hyper-V service and have a virtual machine with Windows 2003, because there are still some programs we need which refuse to work in Windows 2008.

Everything went fine until I had to install Service Pack and a lot of KB updates. After that, my “loved” RDP service (Terminal Server) to control the server remotelly stop working… HOW? WHAT? Yes, after the needed reboot to complete the installation of updates RDP stopped working and that obviouslly a problem for a System Administrator like me, who likes to control everything from a desk and not having to move to the room where all the servers are. Luckily I found the solution… and yes, as always a mistake from Microsoft: KB2667402.

What happened was that this KB never has to be installed before Service Pack 1 and the installer did that. It was installed and then Service Pack. The solution is to uninstall this KB from the command line and then leave Windows Update to search for it again. To do such thing the command from a shell is:

wusa /uninstall /kb:2667402

Voila!!! The server will reboot and Terminal Server will work again.